Plumbing emergencies can cause a lot of stress. Not only will you have a giant mess, but you’ll also have to worry about the cost of the repair. From stopping the water flow to figuring out a solution to the problem, there’s so much to consider in a short amount of time. Insurance may cover the losses resulting from a sudden burst pipe, but it might not protect you from damages caused by other leaks.

What Insurance Might Cover

If a pipe bursts suddenly and without warning, water could damage your walls, floors, electronics, and more. This could be considered an accidental event. In this case, your homeowner’s insurance policy might help you repair the plumbing, clean up mold or mildew, and deal with home repairs. Dwelling coverage may help you pay for damage to the structure of your home, and personal property coverage would apply to your furnishings, electronics, or other belongings. Note that you will be responsible for your deductible, and you may have to pay for some costs out of pocket before getting reimbursed.

What Insurance Probably Won’t Cover

Unfortunately, insurance won’t be of assistance in some situations. If your pipes are old or damaged and are leaking slowly, the company will likely say that you could have addressed the issue before it became significant. Also, if you turn off your heat in the winter and experience a frozen pipe, they could blame the resulting issues on your negligence. Additionally, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover a sewage problem.

If you want to protect yourself from slow leaks that are hard to identify, consider getting hidden water coverage. Some insurance companies offer this extra benefit to give homeowners extra protection against water damage.

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